Caltron's market-leading instruments include the latest in ion-­ and electron­-beam technologies. From the most power­ful, commercially-­available microscope­, the first extreme high-resolution scanning electron microscope, our equipment produces cutting-edge tools that are revolutionizing nanoscale exploration from the classroom to the laboratory to the clean room. With a strong commitment to customers before and after the sale, Caltron is bringing the nanoscale within the grasp of leading researchers and manufacturers, and helping them turn some of the biggest ideas of this century into reality.

Nanotechnology Equipment / Semiconductor Test Systems / AFM, SPM

Nanotechnology in the extreme end refers to building machines on the scale of molecules, dimensions in the order of a few nanometers or less. Today most nano-scale are somewhat larger (up to 100 nanometer or more) except some simple structure and devices. Many tools and measurement equipments beyond that of conventional fabrication machines such as routers, microscopes, probers are developed for this new technology. Caltron is proud to be able to contribute our service in supplying and maintaining equipments in this exciting new field.

Semiconductor industry had grown rapidly over the last several decades. From small insignificant manufacturing setup in the 60’s to today’s highly sought after high-tech industry most countries are proud to own. Caltron are able to supply many instruments used in the measurement, test and production of semiconductors from the wafer to the packaging.

  1. LatticeGear (USA) : manufacturer of LatticeAx system, a new technology for MICRO Indent and SLOW cleave integrated with high resolution imaging and SW result in accurate cleaving (10-um), with mirror finish quality fast (5-min) of a wide range of sample (and substrate) types and sizes. By introducing the LatticeAx system at the start of the cross section sample preparation workflow, both final sample quality and throughput can be improved. It helps users to overcome poor quality cleaving and variability between different technicians and engineers. Because of its speed,  <5 minutes, it reduces the bottleneck at other high-demand sample preparation tools.

  2. Applied NanoStructure Inc. (USA) : develops, manufactures, and supplies AFM/SPM probes for all applications and all major manufacturers. Applied NanoStructure’s mission is to provide the highest quality AFM Probes & SPM probes for standard, advanced and customized applications. Applied NanoStructure also supply various nanostructures including MEMS and specialized SPM probes.  In addition to providing standard catalogue of products, Applied NanoStructures works with customers to develop new probes or devices for advanced applications.

  3. Celadon Inc. (USA) : is the world’s premier designer & manufacturer of ultra high performance probe cards and probing solutions for the semiconductor industry who demands high accuracy device characterization and monitoring wafer level reliability tests over many sites over a long period of time.

  4. Nanometrics (USA) : offers an extensive array of proprietary technologies in optics, software and systems integration designed to meet the process control requirements of today’s advanced semiconductor technologies. These process control solutions are implemented on common metrology platforms that can be configured with a variety of measurement technologies, or as a single technology targeted for a specific process control application.

  5. Napson (Japan) : Napson manufactures high performance sheet resistance measuring systems for thin films on semiconductor or flat panel, solar cell, silicon wafer.

  6. SCI (USA) :

  7. Nanosurf (Switzerland) : is a leading provider of easy-to-use and reliable atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopes (STM).

  8. Okos (USA) : provides cutting edge digital solutions for Ultrasonic NDT industry such as  Scanning Acoustic Microscope.

  9. Resistivity : conductivity measurement

    10. Siglent : Sophisticated and high quality digital oscilloscope, waveform generator, handheld digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and DC power supply


Electro Static Discharge Test Equipment

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden and momentary flow of electricity (electric current) between two objects (being at different potentials). This current is of no substantial duration and usually causes no harm to human and often unnoticed, however it may cause irreparable damage to electronic circuit, semiconductor or system. With semiconductor geometry getting smaller, the breakdown voltage that can damage the semiconductor insulation such as silicon dioxide gets smaller. Manufacturers in the nanotechnology and the electronic industries especially the semiconductor manufacturers need to take precautions to avoid ESD. Caltron supplies the following instruments that detect and measure static charges, static potentials, electrostatic fields that help manufacturers in identifying the potential problem and seek remedies.

  1. Trek (USA) : areas of expertise include electrostatics and high voltage power amplification. Trek manufactures high voltage amplifiers, piezo drivers and power supplies for demanding applications. The company also makes electrostatic measurement instruments for high performance applications, and offers electrostatic sensors and detectors, electrostatic voltmeters, charged plate monitors, surface resistance/resistivity meters and ionizers for electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications. Markets served include electrophotography, ESD, piezoelectronics, semiconductors and a wide variety of R&D applications.

RF / Telecommunication Test Instruments

The history of radio communication technology started at the end of the 19 century with the demonstration of radio communication by Nikola Tesla. Together with navigational systems, it had since dominated the various applications of electronics till perhaps in the 1980’s when computer / data processing took over as the main application of electronic technology. Today computer, wire and wireless telecommunication and even navigation merge and they become inseparable. Nevertheless the testing and measurement of the computer, the communication and navigation sections are still generally separable and still often carried out separately. Caltron has a long history associated with these RF, GPS and other telecommunication measurements and tests and are able to supply and support the following :

  1. OlinkStar (China) : produces GPS / GNSS  12 / 16 channels satellite simulators, GPS wireless repeaters, antennas, accessories etc.

  2. Dadi Telecommunication Equipment Co., Ltd. (China) : is a state-certified high-tech software enterprise. It develops and manufactures advanced communication testers, equipment and software. The products include Ethernet Analyzer, Cable and Network Tester, XDSL Tester, SDH Transmission Analyzer, BER Tester, Data Transmission Analyzer, Storage Battery Tester, Signaling Protocol Analyzer, PCM Analyzer, OTDR, etc.

Optical Equipment

The history of compound microscope is probably traceable to the end of 16th century or some time in the 17th century. The theoretical resolution limit of standard optical microscope is about 200 nanometers due to the wavelength of visible light being longer than about 400 nanometers. Optical microscopes may not be adequate for some of the extremely high magnification applications needed in research and production, it is still used extensively in the study of biology, microelectronics, nanotechnology, crystallography, pharmaceutical research and for general optical magnification for its ease of usage and low cost. Caltron is aware of the need of optical microscopes and are supplying the following :

  1. Kozo Optics (China) : manufactures a wide rage of optical microscope including low cost biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, polarization microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, digital CCD / CMOS camera microscopes etc.

Audio and Video TMI

These instruments are used generally by the industries manufacturing audio and video products. Besides Hi-Fi, television, video sets manufacturers, audio/video laboratories and manufacturers of telephones, cellphones use them as well. These instruments exist both as stand alone equipment and as a package system such as the centralized TV signal generation system. Caltron represents the following :

  1. Shibasoku (Japan) : is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement instruments and systems used in the TV / video industry, broadcasting industry. Products range includes digital broadcast measurement, video measurement and distributors, video signal generator, TV sound and teletext generator, audio measurement, communication measurement, TV rf equipment.

  2. Texio (Japan) : formerly known as Kenwood TMI Corp. produces audio and video signal generators, analyzers, TV pattern generators, rf standard signal generators, electronic voltmeters, attenuators, besides producing general instruments such as oscilloscopes, electronic loads, power supplies, digital multi-meters etc. and the accessories.

  3. Sunlight (Taiwan) : produces electro-acoustic test and measurement instruments. Products include audio sweeper, polarity checker for speaker, telephone tester, acoustic measurement and the related accessories.

  4. NTI (Switzerland) : produces rack-mount / bench top high-speed audio analyzers, digital / analog audio analyzers, microphones, handheld audio generators, audio / acoustic analyzers.

  5. Master (South Korea) : manufactures video generators, HDMI distributors, video attenuators / distributors.

  6. Promax (Spain) : produces testing and measurement equipment with a focus on information technologies, telecommunications and broadcasting. Product line includes instruments for installation, certification, maintenance and monitoring of networks such as cable TV, satellite, TV and radio broadcast, optical fibre, wireless, etc. Test equipment includes TV and satellite signal level meters, spectrum analysers, CATV analysers, pattern generators, general purpose test equipment and electronic training systems.

Under Educational Training Aids

Teaching aids for the electrical and electronic engineering courses are available from us. We supply simple teaching aids such as breadboards and its accessories, bench top training kits to versatile training / demonstration systems with comprehensive training manuals and documents. These training aids/kits are suitable for school, vocational institutions, technical institutes and universities. Caltron represents the following :

  1. Flite Electronics (UK) : manufactures equipment teaching the fundamentals of electronics, microprocessor and computing for several decades. New products include the design and implementation of complete engineering laboratories.

  2. Edibon (Spain) : manufactures technical teaching units for over three decades, with over 2000 models and 1800 different software packages in various areas : physics, electronics, communications, electricity, automation, energy, mechanics, fluids, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, process control, chemical engineering, food and water technologies, environment etc.

  3. K & H (Taiwan) : offers educational products since 1979. Products range from breadboards, accessories to data communication and networking, communication system, microcomputer control, electronics circuits, biomedical measurement, industrial control, electrical machine / power electronics / driver engineering, refrigeration / air condition system, automatic control, auto-electronics, green energy.

  4. Tesca (India) : produces a wide range of trainers : antenna, satellite trainers, microwave bench trainers, multimedia computer trainers, TV trainers, fibre optics trainers, biomedical trainers, physics / chemistry / biology trainers, wall charts etc.

Other Instruments

  1. GPS
  2. Optic fiber measurement
  3. Cable fault detector
  4. Ground detector
  5. High-pot tester
  6. High voltage supply
  7. High voltage amplifier
  8. Insulation measurement
  9. Flaw detector
  10. Light measurement
  11. LED measurement
  12. Temperature, humidity, air flow, acoustic etc.

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